Born and raised in Germany, I worked for about 20 years in the media, such as PR consultancies, newspapers and TV, before migrating to Australia. Here my passion for photography, and especially landscape photography, became my profession.

Since 1992 I travelled almost every year to Australia, criss-crossing the continent, fascinated and overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape. Back in the 90′s I was happy to carry 20 to 30 rolls of film in my bag for the whole trip.  That has changed dramatically  with digital photography. Alone on our last 4 months trip I took over 20.000 pictures  or the equivalent of 500 film rolls.

However, photography for me is still the capture of special moments, memorable moments which will stay forever in my mind. I guess, everyone who is out there with a camera or just travelling and enjoying the beauty of our world knows what I am talking about.

To share these moments was always a dream of mine. With Ingrid I found a partner, who gives me the inspiration and motivation to realise this dream. We both hope, you are enjoying the moments – here, now and… everywhere anytime.

See you around.


Rob and Ingrid


Hi, I am Ingrid – call me Ina.
During my first 25 years of life I called southern Germany my home. However, swimming in the imposing Rhine River and skiing on the gentle slopes near the village outskirts were swapped for cool dips at the beach and wild slides on the sand dunes in WA. That was in the 1980′s. Since then I call Australia my new home. Married life with children filled out my days back then and having lived in USA and Libya for a few years kept me occupied otherwise.

Nature and travelling, art and photography have always been my passion. And now – having matured and gained the distinction of an “Oma” (Grandma) – I finally have succeeded to pass from hobby level to professional status.

Photography lets me notice patterns and colours in detail, awe at natures beauty and capture the image on camera permanently. Enthusiasm alone wasn’t enough for me and I attended many photographic and digital imaging courses and workshops, thus gaining the technical refine and knowledge. Part time jobs as clerk, fitness instructor and tour guide earned me the needed dollars.

A picture expresses feelings and moods, delights and enjoyment. It communicates in a non-verbal language – the language of creation.

I explore this new found adore and you see the result in my ARTina gallery display. Enjoy!

Regards, Ina